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Tricked out computers, Mountain Dew, pizza, cold cathodes, and PC games... OH it's a LAN Party! I've put together this website to help others get their LAN games up and working.

I've definetly had my fair share of trouble with lanparty games, so I figured I would share my knowledge with everyone.

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Origin Error fix

So I assume a lot of you are going to end up using Origin for Battlefield 3. If you haven't already installed it, odds are some of you will see this stupid error when it prompts you to update:

You must quit the following application(s) before you can continue: EAProxyInstaller.exe

Here's a quick and easy way to get it working.


Zelda - Ocarina of Time Checklist for 100% Playthrough

Due to the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, I am posting a barebones checklist I have created to assist you in completing a 100% playthrough. It basically lists every item, upgrade, gold skulltula, heartpiece, magic bean, bottle, mask etc... in order. I have used this checklist once before and I believe I have this list fairly down pat as far as the order. You may think it's skipping around a bit, but if you follow the order you will beat the game with everything.

Ocarina Of Time Checklist


Upcoming LAN Parties

I have added a section for upcoming LAN events. If you'd like to add your event, please consider a small donation and shoot me an email with the information!

Upcoming LAN Parties