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NecroLAN - October 9-11, 2015

LAN and game room at Necronomicon
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
2900 Bayport Drive
Tampa, FL 33607, US

Hosted by SEADS LAN Party
Captain Howdy your host

The event starts up about noon on Friday and runs till Sunday afternoon about 5pm.
Admittance to the Game room is free with your paid ticket to Necronomicon.

BYOC or use one of our 8 - 10 Rigs supplied by SEADS LAN Party.

Our LAN Party is a free for all, we offer up to 200 games on our rigs as well as Xbox360, XboxOne, PS3, and Wii consoles

Smash Brothers Brawl on the Big Screen as well as endless AMVs, Music, AnimeHell. Free unlimited junk food in the ConSuite and we will be selling Bawls Energy Drinks in the LAN Room.