Zelda Collection

I have been an avid Zelda collector for many years. I believe I have every game made for every system, including the rarities you will find below. I am currently looking for a GOLD Ocarina of Time demo / not for resale cart (if it even exists), as well as the other items listed in the 'stuff I don't have' section.

Ocarina of Time Not For Resale (GREY)

This has got to be one of the most difficult treasures to find. Does a gold version exist?

Majora's Mask Not For Resale (GOLD)

A not for resale version of the popular Nintendo 64 game. The gold cartidge has the same ROM as the regular version of the game, merely a different outside.

Majora's Mask Not For Resale (GREY)

The harder to find not for resale version of the Nintendo 64 game. The grey cartidge has a demo verion of the ROM. You can select from a list of available levels and bosses when you start the game.

Here's a pic of the menu screen

Twilight Princess Preview Cartridge

This cartidge was given away at the E3 of 2005. The cartidge contains the official trailer for Twilight Princess on it.

Here's Another Pic

Watch the video

Link - The Faces of Evil

Here is one of the black sheep of the Zelda family.

Link - The Faces of Evil Demo

Here is the demo version of the Faces of Evil.

Zelda - The Wand Of Gamelon

Here is another black sheep.

Zelda - The Wand Of Gamelon Demo

What's more shameful than owning one of the most embarassing games there is? Why owning the demo version of it of course. It is rare though.

Zelda's Adventure

This is the hardest to find CDI game. Again, another shameful experience, but very rare.

Game Manual

Zelda's Adventure Demo

I was finally able to add this gem to my collection! Thanks ebay!

Oracle of Ages Not For Resale

I know, it's pretty beat up. It was like that when I got it. Don't blame me!

Oracle of Seasons Not For Resale

"Not For Resale" version of the Oracle of Seasons cart.

A Link To The Past / Four Swords Not For Resale

A Not For Resale cartridge of the GBA game.

The Minish Cap Demo

A demo cart of the GBA game.

Minish Cap Not For Resale

Unlike the cartridge you'll see above, this one does not have "DEMO" in the upper right hand of the label.

Gameboy Advance SP Zelda Edition

One of the hardest Gameboy Advance's to get your hands on. (I know the box edges are banged up... that's how it was when I got it.)

Another Pic

Zelda Edition Nintendo DS Lite

This was launched on Black Friday 2007. It came bundled with the Phantom Hourglass game.

Silver Zelda Phantom Hourglass Edition Nintendo DS

Breaking away from the norm, Nintendo released a SILVER Zelda edition Nintendo DS in the UK. Instead of the standard Triforce, you will find a picture of Link on the front of the DS. This came bundled with the Phantom Hourglass game. A special thanks to Jacquie and Dylan for helping me get my hands on one!

Zelda Edition 3DS

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, Nintendo released this Zelda edition of the 3DS on Black Friday 2011. Along with the stylish graphic on the lid, it also features other gold accents, such as the button labels and 3D slider.

Twilight Princess Not For Resale

The demo version of the game allows you to either play thru a dungeon, or go fishing.

Menu Screen 1 Menu Screen 2

Zelda Watch

One of Nelsonic's game watches, this is the black version of the Zelda watch.

Zelda Game & Watch

Here is one of the original Zelda Game & Watch handheld devices. It is extremely similar to the Nintendo DS.

Zelda Mini Classic LCD Game

Toymax was licensed to make this remake of the Game & Watch.

Phantom Hourglass Demo

Here is an image of the Phantom Hourglass Demo cartridge for the Nintendo DS.

Spirit Tracks Demo

This is the demo cartridge for the Spirit Tracks game for Nintendo DS.

Wind Waker 2 Disc Edition

This particular version of the Wind Waker disc was part of a Walmart promotion. This was bundled with a new Gamecube, alongside a Gameboy Advance / Gamecube cable. It includes the standard Wind Waker game, as well as the Ocarina of Time promotional disc. What makes this bundle special is the fact that it is all included in one game case, instead of two separate ones.

Picture of the back

Wind Waker Demo Disc

This Gamecube demo disc contains a handful of demos, including a playable Wind Waker demo and a Wind Waker preview movie.


Zelda Edition Gameboy Camera

Along with the standard colored gameboy cameras, Nintendo offered this golden one to Nintendo Power subscribers. This camera featured a different set of 'stamps' available to the user, which included images from the Ocarina of Time.

Skyward Sword Bundle

To celebrate the series' 25th anniversary, Nintendo released a version of Skyward Sword that included both a Golden Wii Remote (with motion plus) and a music CD.


Other Zelda Stuff I Don't Have

Below you will find some other rare items that haven't found their way into my collection yet.

Gold Nunchuck

This accessory became available shortly after the release of Skyward Sword. Unfortunately, this item is only available via Club Nintendo's Japanese site for 600 points (400 points if you registered a copy of Skyward Sword). Dear Nintendo, people outside of Japan want this kind of stuff.

Another Picture

Skyward Sword Not For Resale

The demo version of the game allows you to either ride a bird, explore a dungeon, or fight a boss.

Menu Screen

Yellow Zelda Test Cartridge

This very rare item is said to be a 'test cartridge' used by Nintendo Repair Shops. The game itself is apparently no different than the regular one, just the yellow cartridge is what makes it special. It is unknown how many are in existence, but rest assured, it is very rare.

24k Gold Plated Gameboy Advance

This insanely rare item was given away as a promotional item for the launch of the Minish Cap. A total of seven are in existence. Nintendo put golden tickets (ala Willy Wonka) in GBA & Minish Cap Bundle packs. One thing to note however, is that there technically is no Triforce or other Zelda insignia on this GBA. (I can sleep better at night when I tell myself that). If any of you lucky seven would like to donate it to me, I would be your best friend!

Here's a promo pic

Zelda's Adventure Testing Disc

I don't even know what to say except yeah it's rare and who knows how many possible versions there are.

Link - The Faces of Evil Testing Disc

Based on the fact that it says "Link", I'm going to assume this is a test disc for "Link - The faces of Evil".

Ocarina of Time for iQue Player

The iQue player was developed by Nintendo and Chinese-American scientist Dr Wei Yen, and was only available in China. The controller itself is also the videogame console. A 64mb flash card stored the games. This card could be loaded with different games by taking it to an "iQue depot". One of the games that could be loaded onto the cartridge was the Ocarina of Time.

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

Part of me is glad I don't have this in my house. I mean, look at him. It's embarassing. Anyways, this spinoff game tells the story of Tingle, and how he became obsessed with rupees.

Tingle's Balloon Fight

Less embarassing than the previous game, but still starring Tingle; this game puts Tingle into a remake of Balloon Fight for the original NES.

Other Nerds

I have come across two others with rather impressive Zelda collections: DarthCloud and Pit56. I believe Pit56 wins.