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The game crashes after installing Patch 2.0
UT3.exe has stopped working

There unfortunatley doesn't seem to be a real fix for this issue yet. It does definitely seems to be an Nvidia driver related issue. How they got this patch out the door without noticing any issues is beyond me. There are a few things you can try though.

Completely remove and uninstall your current video drivers. Yes even do the reboot when it asks. Then, install the latest ones available on the downloads page. (I always keep this page up-to-date.)

For some people, the newest driver does NOT work, yet they claim the 180.48 WHQL driver does work. Give this a try too. WinXP 32bit WinXP 64bit Vista 32bit Vista 64bit

And... others claim the 178.24 drivers are the fix. Download them here

Another fix that works for some people, is to rename the UTGames folder found in My Documents. You may have to re-enter a CD key when you start the game.


How do I use the Physx Pack?

Aside from downloading and installing the pack, make sure you download the ForceWare driver 177.83 or greater. These ForceWare drivers should include Physx drivers as well. Then simply select for the game to use Hardware PhysX in the menu, and choose one of the three PhysX maps (they say _PhyX at the end of the name).


What ports does UT3 use?

From what I can gather, it uses UDP ports 7777, 7778, 7787, 6500, 13000, 27900, 49152-65535 (apparently it randomly chooses a port from within this range). I am not sure if all of these are necessary, but you are better safe than sorry.


How can I view the framerate?

Push F10 on your keyboard, type in "stat fps" with no quotes, and push enter. To turn it off again, simply do the same thing again.


Freezing \ UT3.exe has encountered a problem...

The game freezes, then crashes with this message on the screen, and you have to use "end now" to get rid of it.

This can happen if you are using Hardware Audio.

After some research, I was able to resolve the issue by deleting my OpenAL32.DLL file in C:\Windows\System32, and then downloading and running the official installer from Creative available here.


DGL-4300 Gaming Router Firewall Settings

In order to host an online game, please follow these guidelines. After forwarding the appropriate ports in the router (listed up top), You need to change the firewall settings to match the image below if you want to host online games.


Why can't I choose to host an internet game?

Why can't I uncheck LAN?

Your network configuration is not compatible with hosting matches. Please check your router's manual for instructions on setting up 'Port Forwarding' or a 'DMZ server'.

These errors are all related to the same issue. Unreal Tournament checks to see if your router is using NAT (which I can almost guarantee yours is). If it is, then the game doesn't bother to see what ports you have forwarded or anything. Your only option is to set your computer in the DMZ. Obviously this is not an ideal solution.

I located a fix here, but I must say, it's not the easiest remedy. Also, I must give credit to Adny for figuring out this work around.

If you want to get this working, you must follow these steps carefully.

  • Download stunserver.zip


  • Go to the Windows Start button, go to Run, type in CMD, press enter.

  • Type in "cd c:\" without the quotes and push enter

  • Type in "server -h YOURIPADDRESS -a -v" without the quotes. Obviously, put your IP address where it says YOURIPADDRESS. Now push enter. Your screen should look similar to mine, and the asteriks should just slowly continue adding up on the screen.

  • Leave that running, and now, navigate to this folder: My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config


  • Find the file called UTEngine.ini and open it in notepad


  • Push CTRL+F on your keyboard, and do a search for "stunserver". The first entry it finds is the one we need to edit.

  • Change "StunServerAddress=stunserver.org" to "StunServerAddress=YOURIPADDRESS" ...and obviously, put your IP address here.


  • From what I understand, this tricks UT3 into thinking you are basically open to the internet, the same as if you were setup in the DMZ.


  • One last thing, you need to foward UDP ports 7777, 7778, 7787, 6500, 13000, 27900, 49152-65535 (it chooses a random port from within this range) to your IP address. These port numbers are from our friend Adny, and as he says, he's not sure if all are required.


  • Now run the game (leave the dos window open too), and it should work!


  • Now when I do a Campaign, I get no errors, and I can also uncheck the "LAN Game" setting!!!111lol Public games should work!!!

  • Obviously, each time you want to do this, you must run that server.exe file from the command prompt and leave it running while you play.


  • Also, thanks for making this so ridiculous Epic!!


  • If people still have trouble connecting to the game, it is probably because of another port that needs to be forwarded, and I have no idea what port that would be. (Also, please do everything I have listed in the troubleshooting section just to get it out of the way.)